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My Personal Web Projects

This section is a collection of my own web projects that I created at Langara or in my free time. Click on the image or the link on the left to go to that site.

Cactus Corner

This project was about CSS and HTML and viewers can learn about how to care for Cacti.

Cactus Corner Website

Gem Hunters

This project was about CSS, HTML and PHP interaction with mySQL. Recently, I updated it with PHP MySqi setting so it will work with PHP 7. Viewers can learn about how to be gem hunters.

Gem Hunters Website

Threads CSS Improved

This project was about using CSS & HTML and viewers can see some of the many needle point projects I have created. This is a Demo site so only three pages are in operation.

Threads Website

Mobile CSS3 Sea Salt Chef

This project was about using the new features of CSS3 and learing about the benefits of Seasalt.

Seas Salt Chef Website

Mobile HTML5 Colour Blindness

This project was about using the new features of HTML5 and learning how to add audio and video to help others learn about colour blindness.

Colour Blindness Website

Bloedel Conservatory

This was originally is a flash animation / mini website that I created using Adobe Flash, Illustrator and some video that I shot with my Canon camera. It was the final project for the course at Langara. Recently I have updated it with new HTML5 website features. My main focus was to work with sound and give the site a jungle vibe. Click on the image to enjoy the upddated look and sounds.

Temporary Bloedel Site Image new site coming soon.

Interactive Mining Poster

Originally this was an interactive poster that I created using Adobe Flash, Illustrator and Photoshop I was experimenting with the use of buttons and images. Recently, I have updated as an HTML5 website using JQuery UI functions.

Mining Poster Temp Image. New site coming soon.