Understanding Colour Blindness:

For Graphic & Web Designers

Welcome to my website on the topic of colour blindness. Ever since I studied graphic design I have been interested in the topic of light, colour and how it affects what we perceive to see. While lighting can affect the brightness or darkness of a colour every human eye sees colour slightly differently. However, in some cases a human perception of colour can be more extreme than the majority of the general population. This inability to perceive the full spectrum of colour is known as colour blindness. If we consider the world's population (est. 7.089 billion as of 2013), it is believed that 8% - 10% of it is colour blind. While this might seem like a small number, when we calculate it we can see that there are millions of potential computer users that will have trouble discerning colour on a website and this affects their ability to comprehend a website's message. Colour of text, links and images are the most common issues for a colour blind person to perceive and therefore it may become frustrating for them to find information or complete steps to purchase a product. This website helps graphic/web designers understand what formatting to use when it comes to visual accessibility. You can learn more by clicking on one of following links or if you are colour blind use the console above to adjust your main heading setting contrast for the other pages.