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Dry Creek Zinc Mine

Anchorage, Alaska

Open Pit

Zinc, Copper, Lead, Silver, & Gold Deposit

Proven Probable Reserves: 5.2 million mt

Grade: 9.66% zinc, 0.91% copper, 1.26% lead, 281.8 g/mt silver, 1.36g/mt gold

Mine Life: 15 yrs

Production: 300,000 mt/yr



Industrial Applications:

  • To galvanize steel and prevent corrosion and rust
  • Used with various soldering formulas
  • Die casting in the automobile industry
  • Part of the containers of batteries
  • A white pigment in watercolours or paints
  • An activator in the rubber industry
  • A wood preservative
  • In medical-type creams and powders for the skin


KymBar Diamond Mine

Sun Bay, NWT

Open Pit Diamond Deposit


Proven Probable Reserves: 42.5 million mt

Grade: 0.24 carats/mt

Mine Life: 17 yrs

Production: 600,000 carats/yr



Industrial Applications:

  • Cutting, drilling, grinding,and polishing
  • Containment for high pressure experiments in laboratories
  • High-performance bearings
  • Limited use in specialized windows
  • As semiconductor suitable to build microchips or as a heat sink in electronics


Sun Nickel Deposit

San Bay, Labrador

Open Pit

Nickel & Copper Deposit

Proven Probable Reserves: 4.9 million mt

Grade: 1.8% nickel, 0.65% copper

Mine Life: 25 yrs

Production: 7,200 mt/yr



Industrial Applications:

  • As a component of coins, stainless steel, magnets, and other alloys
  • A colouring agent in glass
  • Plating
  • Heat and Electrical Equipment


Plains Uranium Mine

Cigar Lake, Saskatchewan

Underground Uranium Deposit


Proven Probable Reserves: 497,000 mt

Grade: 20.7% U3O8

Mine Life: 15 yrs

Production: 15.1 million lb/yr



Industrial Applications:

  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Military uses
  • Medical uses in some types of X-rays
  • Radiometric Dating

Xploriks Mining Limited.

Established in 1980, has its headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia. It operates 8 mine sites across North, Central, and South America. It employs over 3000 workers and is committed to the highest standards of environmental safety.

Xploriks Mining Animation


High River Gold Mine

Eureka, Nevada

Open Pit

Gold & Silver Deposit

Proven Probable Reserves: 4.8 million oz gold, 105 million oz silver

Grade: 5.2 g/mt gold, 87 g/mt silver

Mine Life: 20 yrs

Production: 240,000 oz/yr gold equivalent


Industrial Applications:

  • Gold Leaf
  • Dentistry
  • A colouring agent in glass
  • In photography as Gold toners for sepia prints
  • Electrical wiring in some high energy electronics
  • The protective coatings on many artificial satellites


Mid America Silver Deposit

Durango, Mexico


Silver & Zinc Deposit

Proven Probable Reserves: 231 million mt

Grade: 63 g/mt silver, 1.59% zinc, 0.58% lead

Mine Life: 16 yrs

Production: 17 million oz/yr silver



Industrial Applications:

  • Photography
  • Plating
  • Compounds used as a germicide for killing bacteria and in wound healing
  • Electrical and electronic products for conductivity
  • As a catalyst to make polyesters


JunMar Silver Mine

Santa Cruz, Argentina


Silver & Gold Deposit

Proven Probable Reserves: 220 million oz silver and 3.28 million oz gold, 1.2 million mt zinc, 631,000 mt lead

Grade: 30.19 g/mt silver, 0.51 g/mt gold, 0.69% zinc, 0.31% lead

Mine Life: 17 yrs

Production: 12 million oz/yr



Industrial Applications:

  • Photography
  • Plating
  • Compounds used as a germicide for killing bacteria and in wound healing
  • Electrical and electronic products for conductivity
  • As a catalyst to make polyesters


Steppe Copper Mine

Santiago, Chile

Open Pit

Copper & Molybdenum Deposit

Proven Probable Reserves: 247 million mt

Grade: 10% copper, 0.2% molybdenum

Mine Life: 23 yrs

Production: 950,000 mt/yr copper equivalent



Industrial Applications:

  • Copper wire & Piping
  • Electromagnetic motors, generators, and transformers
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Roofing, guttering, and rainspouts on buildings
  • As a component of coins, often as cupronickel alloy

About Xploriks

Xploriks Mining Limited,established in 1980,has its headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia.It operates 8 mine sites across North,Central, and South America. It employs over 3000 workers and is committed to the highest standards of environmental safety.

For more information about our company or how to acquire a complete prospectus, visit us at www.xploriks.com.

Xploriks Mining Animation

The Xploriks Manifesto

Xploriks Mining Limited.is a mining company that is committed to meeting goals, keeping high standards and protecting the environment during and after any mining operation. Sure,cost and deadlines are important, but isn't a healthy future even more vital? The following buttons explain how our four principles benefit us, but most importantly,you as well.

Atomic… , Physical …, Chemical..., & Natural

Our Manifesto Animation


Since 1989 our Uranium has been mined and refined in the Cigar Valley,Saskatchewan. Uranium is a low radioactive element,however when mining, radiation levels of Radon gas can be emitted. How we dispose, protect from this gas, and protect those living and working around the mine is a priority.



Protection to the mine worker on site is critical; safety first plays a role in all our jobs. Workers are trained in how to deal with hazardous chemicals and dangerous situations. Accidents can happen,but being prepared minimizes the risk. Not only our training,but the equipment we use is kept up to date and maintained as well.



Xploriks is committed to protecting the environment and some of the ways it does this is in the choices of chemicals and the methods it uses in the extraction process. Heavy Metals such as Mercury or Lead can seep into underground water systems and into the ground and pollute the natural surroundings.

Xploriks works with laboratories to find chemicals that put less stress on the environment and ways to safely dispose of higher risk waste materials.


& Natural

Whether entering or leaving a site, Xploriks works to keep the land in a natural state,and then returns the land back to its pristine condition. Using digital photography we photograph the area first. We cut down the minimum number of trees necessary to clear the site. Once the mine has completed its lifecycle,our work does not end.In the case of open pit mining the site is filled in, replanted and gradually returned back to its original state. In the case of the underground mine, it is sealed but is monitored every few months over a duration of several years for gas leaks and structural changes.

A healthy environment not only benefits our workers, but it benefits everyone. With our proven track recordwe hope you willchoose Xploriks Mining Limited for your next project.