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The History of The Ink Rag

The First Ink Rag Newsletter

The Ink Rag newsletter was a printing project started at VCC in the Graphic Communications and Production Technology Department. It was created and printed by department faculty and second year students from late 2001 to 2002.

Our class was to create a name for newsletter. I suggested the name Ink Rag because:

  • we were using an old offset presses
  • constantly using old rags to clean up the messy ink
  • the old slang term "rag" is used to describe a type of newspaper that often had the latest gossip.

Everyone liked the name, so that's how The Ink Rag came to be.

After my graduation in 2002, no more newsletters were produced. In 2004 the GC&PT course was no longer at VCC and a few years later moved to BCIT. However, with the good memories I had of those two years of training, I put this website together so that I can share some of those events with you. The Ink Rag will not be forgotten. To me, The Ink Rag is about sharing information and ideas and that's what I hope to do here.

Take some time to look at the newsletter issues, the 40 year history I wrote about the GC&PT course, and a few portfolio items I printed.