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Media Educational Section

Media Ideas

When I graduated from VCC I became interested in the idea of educating clients and customers about printing procedures. Writing was sometimes not enough to describe a process, so I decided to teach myself some basic Adobe Flash (then Macromedia) and learn how to create animations that would show how a printing process might look when it actually moved. Also when working in the printing and web industry I started to notice the same client concerns and frustrations in regards to the processes and order that a project goes through. I wondered, "How could I educate the client and help them avoid frustration?"

After years of research, I created a collection of e-brochures about printing so that a client can easily work with a designer and understand the design process.

I have recently finished a collection of web design brochures for clients which explain web related words and the basic contract.

Also in this section are some of my non-printing works and a page of my favorite links.