Fieldwork - Rockhounding Information for Gem Hunters

What is a Rockhound?

A Rockhound is defined as an amateur mineralogist. However it can be anyone who enjoys looking for rocks and minerals. The term includes people who like to pick up a rock on a walk that is interesting to them or collectors who like to go to annual mineral shows and purchase samples. The Rockhound then enjoys studying and displaying the samples he or she has discovered.

Who can be a Rockhound?

Who can be a Rockhound?

Anyone can be a Rockhound. If you've ever gone to the beach, on a walk, or a mountain hike, and you've picked up an interesting looking rock, then you've started.

Be a Rockhound and impress your friends.

Why be a Rockhound?

It can be exciting to create a collection of minerals and learn about their earth history and how they were formed. Crystals can be complex and are very intricately formed; it is possible that by studying them you could make an important discovery. If you discover a rare or unusual crystal, it could end up in a museum or sold for a lot of money. However, in most cases the best reason for being a Rockhound is to accumulate a collection that is of interest to you and your friends.

Where to be a Rockhound?

If you live in British Columbia it is a great place to begin your search as a collector. Most Mineral shows and Rock shops will carry atlases and maps that you can purchase or get for free to begin your hunt. Due to geological forces, there are many beaches, rivers and mountains full of minerals. However wherever you plan to search it is important to abide by the property laws and regulations. Never Trespass! Always remember to stay away from an area where the ground is unstable or dangerous. And even if you do know what you are doing always tell a friend where and what your going to do, in case an accident does happen.

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