Looking at Crystals close-up

A Mineralogist is Geologist who specializes in the study of minerals. And a Gemologist is a Geologist who specializes in the study of Gemstones. Geology involves not only the study of our earth, but also the moon and even other planets. Looking at:

  • the materials they are made of
  • the processes that act or have acted on those materials
  • the products they have formed
  • how they have and are effecting the planet and all life forms

If your first thought of being a geologist seems like a boring day of staring at rocks through a microscope in a laboratory, then maybe you have never looked at a crystal or mineral under a microscope.

Try it! What do you see? It might look like a cave or a planet or maybe a whole new world. If this makes you feel excited, wouldn't it be fun to begin discovering more treasures just like that. You can! You can become a Rockhound. It's also great way to keep in shape and have fun at the same time with your family. Discover more about what it's all about here. or visit the Gallery.