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crewl Bluebird Pattern

It's a Crewel World

Posted on | By Jennifer Harder

Jennifer talks about her first embroidery memories and how she recently finished her first Crewel project.

My first memories of embroidery and stitching are when I was 7 years old. My mother gave me a cross stitch pattern of a grandmother and grandfather holding hands. I was to fill the pattern in with thread as a way to strengthen my weak eye muscles and to correct my vision so that I would not see double letters when I read. This eye-hand coordination project was the start of one of my favorite hobbies and I usually work on a few projects every year.

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Stars and Stripes Pattern

Cross-stitch Quilts

Posted on | By Jennifer Harder

Jennifer talks about her latest project of creating minature cross-stich quilts and how they can be just as time consuming as creating a regular sized quit.

Generally, when I work with embroidery, I am the type of person that likes to work with a pattern and follow it as closely as possible to avoid mistakes. However, every now and then I like to throw caution completely out the window and create something from my own imagination. I find this to be easy enough to do when it comes to graphic design, but when it comes to fabric and thread, it's a bit of a challenge. As I've learned in the non-virtual world with projects, there is generally no automatic Undo or Ctrl-Z. If there is it's more of a complete redo and can be quite time consuming. The only undo tool I have is my seam-ripper.

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