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This page is a collection of some interesting Art Creations I've made over the years:

Diorama - The Big Sale

Diorama The Big Sale

Mixed-Media - 2004

This miniature diorama is a humorous look at an elderly gentleman gardener and his wife setting up for his annual desert plant sale. However, it seems he is doing most of the work while his wife inspects it and cat gets in the way.

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Diorama - Old World Meets New World

Diorama Old World meets New World

Mixed-Media - 2006

This miniature diorama is a sort of continuation of "The Big Sale". However, this time I was more interested seeing how "Old World" Cacti and "New World" Cacti could live together. (see History) I took my inspiration partly from the Vancouver Bloedel Conservatory and this is what I came up with.

(See enlarged image here)

Garden Container - Spike designs the Desert

Garden Container Spike Designs the Desert

Media: Clay and Glaze - 2001

This garden I designed is a tribute to Snoopy's brother, Spike, who lived with all his Cacti friends in Needles, California. You can tell he isn't Snoopy because he is thinner and wears a hat and yellow shoes. Because he is a loner, he chooses the Saguaro as his model for his paintings, sculptures, and other artistic endeavors.

(See all sides of container here)

Garden Ornament - The Cactus Fountain

Garden Ornament The Cactus Fountain

Media: Clay, Glaze and Metal Wire - 2002

This garden ornament is a working fountain in which water flows out of the barrel cactus and flows down the rocks into the small pool below. Even in the dry desert small streams can be found flowing through.

(See enlarged image here)

Needle Point - Leaving the Canyon

Needle Point Leaving the Canyon

Media: Canvas and Cotton Thread - 2008

For this piece I took my inspiration from a quilt I saw on the internet call "Desert Vespers" by Utah Artist, Sheryl Gillilan Melton. I liked the rich colours of sunset on the canyon walls, but felt it would be nice to travel out of the canyon and see the desert beyond. This was probably one of my most challenging art pieces because I had to match colours and think methodically pixel by pixel as Adobe Photoshop does.

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